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Wellness Yoga

Welcome to our HCQU yoga session- featuring tailored videos for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). These sessions are designed to promote relaxation, improve flexibility, and enhance overall well-being in a gentle and accessible manner. Each video features simple yoga poses and breathing exercises that are easy to follow and beneficial for all abilities. Whether you’re new to yoga or have some experience, join us in exploring how these practices can bring a sense of calm and joy to your day. Let’s begin our yoga practice together!


Embark on a journey with our diverse collection of yoga videos brought to you by Ed. Catering to individuals of all levels and intentions. From energizing flows to restorative sessions, each journey is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your physical strenght, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being.


Unwind and restore with our calming yoga session designed to melt away stress and tension. Join us for a tranquil journey of deep breathing and mindful relaxation techniques. Whether you’re winding down after a busy day or seeking inner peace, this calming practice will leave you feeling centered, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace serenity. 


Discover the accessibility and versatility of yoga in this module. Perfect for all ages and abilities, these gentle practices bring the benefits of yoga directly to your seat. Begin by rooting down into the earth, finding strength and stability in Mountain as you connect with your breath and center your mind. Then, gracefully transition to Camel, allowing your heart to open and expand.


Elevate your yoga practice with our invigorating standing yoga module. Start by grounding into the earth with the high lunge as you reach towards the sky. Then root down through one leg while extending your branches towards the heavens in the Tree pose. Through mindful movement and breath, discover the profound connection between body, mind, and nature. 
**Yoga moves can be modified to suit individual abilities and needs**

Standing: advanced 

Challenge your yoga journey with our advanced standing moves. Explore the depths of your strength, balance, and flexibility as you flow through a dynamic sequence of poses to unlock new levels of mastery in your yoga practice. 
**Yoga moves can be modified to suit individual abilities and needs** 

Seated: Advanced 

Designed for seasoned practitioners, this session delves into the intricacies of yoga poses and breathwork. Begin by surrendering to the nurturing embrace of the Child pose, allowing your body to soften and release tension as you connect with the gentle rhythm of your breath. Hero pose, will keep you grounded down through your knees cultivating deep relaxation, and rediscovering the sanctuary of stillness. 
**Yoga moves can be modified to suit individual abilities and needs** 

Laying: Advanced

Join us on the mat as we explore the graceful opening of the hips in Butterfly pose, cultivating a sense of release and surrender. Transition seamlessly into Twisted Roots, where we delve into the gentle twists that promote spinal health and detoxification, while fostering a profound sense of grounding and balance. 
**Yoga moves can be modified to suit individual abilities and needs** 


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