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Community Participation Support

Riverside Day Program

Located in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood, Milestone’s Community Participation Supports Program assists adults with intellectual disabilities and autism in becoming as independent as possible. Focus is placed on useful skills that enable the practice of basic safety rules and community awareness. This highly individualized, planned and coordinated process with trained professionals. Activities include art, music, exercise, community engagement.

100% Community Participation 

The Community Connections Program (CCP) is a fully community-based Community Participation Supports program that actively engages persons we support with intellectual disabilities and autism as citizens within their community. CCP provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer for various organizations, learn about businesses, participate in wellness activities, and enjoy activities & events at various community venues.

Senior Services

New Horizon (Penn Hills) and Garden City (Monroeville) are day programs for seniors. Both are dually-licensed older adult living centers and adult training facilities. The Centers are available to anyone with aging issues regardless of chronological age.

Yough Adventure Program

The Yough Adventure Program teaches persons with intellectual disabilities and autism outdoor and environmental skills, such as gardening, animal habitats, gardening, life skills, volunteering, responsibility and teamwork.

For more information about these programs and to schedule a tour, please call 412-374-9052.

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