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HCQU West Services

As a provider of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, you are dedicated to helping the people you support to live a quality life. At Milestone HCQU West, we are dedicated to supporting you. You are not alone. We are part of your team.

Our services include:


At Milestone HCQU West, we work regularly with leading experts in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to bring you the latest information. Learning about the physical and behavioral health challenges that can affect the people in your care can help you provide meaningful support and advocacy.

Milestone HCQU West’s courses are offered by request to those who serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in western Pennsylvania. We also publish a bi-annual Training Syllabus of courses that are offered at pre-scheduled dates, times, and locations. Syllabus courses are open to the public and registration is required.

Technical Assistance

Milestone HCQU West provides limited consultation on matters related to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are experiencing physical and/or behavioral health challenges. Our highly-skilled clinical professionals are available to assist you with any challenges you are facing.

Community Education/Outreach

Milestone HCQU West works to identify, improve, and expand community resources to benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also encourage people to become active participants in their own local communities.

In addition, we work to foster a positive relationship with local authorities and first responders by offering education on the unique needs of people with IDD.

The DSP Handbook App

Our FREE app, available for Android and iPhone! The DSP Handbook contains loads of tools & resources to help you support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). In our app, you’ll find:

  • Fatal Five pocket guide
  • Easy, healthy recipes
  • Virtual Fun & Fitness with Marena!
  • Access to our training, our blogs, our website, and so much more!
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