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Videos for Self Advocates

The Benefits of Laughter

There is a lot of information out there encouraging healthy habits such as eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, and getting enough sleep. There is little information encouraging another very beneficial, very easy thing we can do for our health – laugh! The Benefits of Laughter is a short training designed for self-advocates to learn about how laughter impacts various parts of our bodies, such as our heart and lungs, and our immune system, all of which can improve our health and well-being.

Milestone HCQU Northwest’s Amy Tobolski put together a great video on the benefits of laughter.  To watch it, click here.


In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Milestone HCQU Northwest created a short video with tips to help stay healthy and avoid spreading germs. Included are video clips on how and when to wash your hands – or to use hand sanitizer when you don’t have access to water, social distancing, and boosting your immune system, as well as why wearing a mask is a good idea, and how to wear one. To view the video, click here.

Internet Safety

This webinar series features an overview of our Internet Safety Curriculum. Geared toward individuals/self-advocates (but helpful for anyone who uses the Internet, dating apps, social media, etc.), this curriculum includes modules on Tricky People, Fear Tactics, Identity Theft, Phishing, and Romance Scams.  In addition to giving a brief overview of each module, Amy also gives tips on how to use these modules and the accompanying provider manual to support individuals as they learn about Internet safety.

Click on each title to view the module. 

Internet Safety Overview 

#1 Tricky People 

#2 Fear Tactics 

#3 Identity Theft 

#4 Phishing 

#5 Romance Scams 

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