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Cynthia reads a book on her front porch.
Cynthia reads a book on her front porch.


If you look up “inspiration” in the dictionary, you just might find this story about Cynthia.

A participant in Milestone’s behavioral health Peer Support program, Cynthia has emerged as a leader among her fellow persons supported because of her caring nature.

“I am a self-harmer,” explained Cynthia. “That has stopped thanks to Peer Support. I can call them any time I feel overwhelmed. They are available whenever I need them.”

Milestone’s Peer Support program provides specialized therapeutic interventions by self-identified, current or former recipients of behavioral health services. These Peer Support Specialists help others in their recovery journey and community integration, inspiring hope in individuals’ belief that recovery is possible and probable.

But Cynthia’s involvement goes far beyond receiving services. She now co-facilitates her Peer Support group two days a week. She has even shared her phone number with her peers, inviting them to call if they need to talk.

Milestone staff explained that Cynthia moves forward every day and deals with people generously; she handles everything with dignity.

Indeed, Cynthia identifies herself a fighter, explaining she is a survivor of child abuse, domestic violence, surgery and cancer. But through it all, she declared that helping others is therapeutic for her.

Having recently completed her medical billing and coding education, Cynthia strives to achieve more. She hopes to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist herself one day. She has even written a book, “Surviving My Demons” and is seeking a publisher.

“My experience in life is to treat people the way they want to be treated,” Cynthia said. “When someone is down, always reach out a hand to pick them back up.”

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