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Terri reviews event plans with her supervisor.
Terri reviews event plans with her supervisor.

An old saying goes: “Good help is hard to find.” Not so at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott, where one of the hotel’s most popular employees is Terri, a Milestone Supported Employment client. 

The Milestone Supported Employment program provides assistance with preparing clients for the workforce, including resumes, job development, on-the-job training and overcoming barriers faced in the business world. 

Described as a “real go-getter” by her Milestone employment specialist Manny Gutierrez, Terri works part time as a banquet houseperson, assisting with set-up, execution and clean-up of a variety of functions including weddings, business meetings, proms, baby showers and more. 

Terri is easy to like, as evidenced by Terri’s relationship with the Marriott’s general manager, human resources director, and everyone in between. She’s a friendly person with a genuine smile. “I love my job. I enjoy what I do and I’ve made friends here,” she said. Terri’s favorite part of her job? “Getting a feel of all the different (hotel) departments, and interacting with guests.” 

Pittsburgh Marriott banquet manager Michael Evans loves having Terri on his team. “Terri brings a positive energy to the group. Banquets are very fast paced and every day is different,” he explained. “Sometimes people can get complacent in their job, but Terri is smiling every day no matter how hard the day gets.” 

Terri’s typical work day starts around 9 or 10 a.m., and ends between 2-4 p.m., depending on how busy the banquets team is. Gutierrez called the Marriott “a great environment” for Terri: 

“When the banquets position opened, Terri was a natural. They gave her one set of instructions and she met them the first time. As the hotel season gets busier, Terri’s skills will continue to improve and she will gain more independence in her job.” 

Milestone employment specialists help clients meet their needs in the work setting. “There are different levels of teaching, and part of our job is to identify the best pathway to train,” said Gutierrez. “Different clients need different levels of coaching. We have let Terri fly on her own during her shifts, which allows us to identify areas for improvement.” 

Terri’s mom, Elaine, is grateful for her daughter’s experience. “Milestone Centers went the extra mile to seek the right employment for Terri. She always comes home and says how wonderful her work experience is.” 

Evans said Terri quickly got comfortable in her work setting as she got to know everyone on the staff, which was one of his goals. 

“When the managers tell me ‘you did a good job’, it makes me feel good and really proud”, Terri said. “I’d like to work here for as long as I can.”

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