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National Council for Behavioral Health Statement on the Senate Version of the American Health Care Act

The National Council for Behavioral Health has responded to the U.S. Senate's proposed American Health Care Act. Read the statement here.

Ten Things to Know About Medicaid’s Role for Children with Behavioral Health Needs

Medicaid plays an important role for many children with behavioral health needs. Learn about important aspects of this coverage, in this article from Kaiser Family Foundation.

These Eight Companies Know the Impact of Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

One of them is right here in Pittsburgh! Read this story now at

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

As the country focuses on the need for mental health screening and treatment this month, here's a look at mental health in America, by the numbers, from USA Today.

Proof That Mental Health Crises Can Affect Anyone

It wasn’t until he began speaking with friends and family, then a therapist, that England's Prince Harry realized it was the unattended, unresolved grief of losing his mother so young that was possibly crippling him. Learn more in this story from The Washington Post.