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How bosses can make their workplace more mental health friendly

Here are some simple and useful ways bosses can make their workplaces more mental health friendly. Learn more now.

When a loved one is in need: How to navigate conversations about mental health

Broaching the topic of mental health with a friend or loved one can be intimidating and difficult to navigate.  This article from CBS News provides helpful information to keep in mind both before and during these conversations.

Why Laughing at Yourself Can Boost Your Health

The ability to laugh at yourself - and your mistakes - boosts physical and psychological health.
Find out more in this article from NBC News.

What the Senate's Obamacare Replacement Would Mean for Mental Health Treatment

The Better Care Reconciliation Act would make mental-health care more expensive for many Americans. Find out why in this article from Pacific Standard magazine.

National Council for Behavioral Health Statement on the Senate Version of the American Health Care Act

The National Council for Behavioral Health has responded to the U.S. Senate's proposed American Health Care Act. Read the statement here.