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Preventing depression in pregnancy: New guidelines

Up to 14% of women are diagnosed with depression during pregnancy. Guidelines published by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force provide the first-ever recommendations for preventing perinatal depression. Learn more in this story from Harvard Medical School.

Can you eat your way to better mental health? Study says yes

Because mental health is just as important as physical health. Learn more in this story from CNN.

Mental Health Experts Say Bringing Your Dog to Work Can Help Ease Stress

Looks like a "pawerful" stress reducer! Learn more.

Bullying alters brain structure, raises risk of mental health problems

A study reveals that childhood bullying has effects on mental health, and it can lead to significant costs for individuals, their families, and society at large. Learn more in this story from Medical News Today.

Five Tips For Getting Through Finals Week Without Killing Your Mental Health

While the "cramming for finals" craze is inevitable, there are still some things you can do to ensure that while you’re studying your butt off, you’re not kicking your mental health to the curb. Learn more in this story from

The New Emphasis on Mental Health in the Workplace

Your workplace can play a significant role in your mental health. Learn more about improving mental health at work. Read the article.

How To Create A Workplace That Supports Mental Health

Even though mental health can often be a taboo topic, especially in the workplace, most employees want their employer to champion mental health and well-being. Learn more in this story from

How to talk about mental health with your struggling friends or family

Talking about illness doesn’t magically make it go away, but just knowing they can open up to someone can give people relief – and it's hard than you think to get the conversation wrong. Learn more.

More leeway for states to expand inpatient mental health

The federal government is allowing states to provide more inpatient treatment for people with serious mental illness by tapping Medicaid, a potentially far-reaching move to address issues from homelessness to violence. Learn more in this story from ABC News.

More kids are showing up in ERs with mental health crises

An increasing number of children are showing up in U.S. emergency rooms due to mental health crises, according to research. "It'sshocking, really," said one expert. Learn more in this story from NBC News.  

Helping Patients in Minority Communities Cope With Serious Mental Illness

Minorities face obstacles to receiving care, but many groups are working to break down those barriers.
Learn more in this story from U.S. News and World Report.

One in three college freshmen struggle with mental health—here are 4 things you can do

Researchers from the World Health Organization surveyed nearly 14,000 first-year college students and found that 35 percent struggled with a mental illness. Learn more in this story from CNBC.

Insurance system still discriminates against mental illness. Time to fight back.

"No one expects to develop a mental illness or substance use disorder, which, by law, are supposed to be covered by insurance to the same extent as physical conditions," writes contributor Patrick J. Kennedy in USA Today.

ABC News anchor reflects on mental health, on-air panic attack during speech

Dan Harris told audience members about how the panic attack impacted his nearly 20-year career at ABC, both professionally and personally. Read more here.

How to Make the Most of a Mental Health Day

A mental health day may be exactly what you need. Find out why in this article from

Pro Football Hall of Fame Honoree Brian Dawkins discusses career-long battle with depression

“The pain I was feeling was tremendous,” Dawkins said. “But then, I found a way to control it."
Read more in this story from Yahoo Sports.

World Health Organization to classify 'gaming disorder' as mental health condition

Although gaming disorder is not prevalent, characteristics include a loss of control and escalation despite negative consequences. Learn more in this story from CNN.

The Rise And Rise Of Suicide: We Must Remove The Stigma Of Mental Illness

Suicide is on the rise globally, accounting for nearly one million deaths annually. While we may not all suffer from mental illness, we each have a role to play in ensuring that those who do suffer feel less afraid to reach out and get the support they need in the moments when they need it most. 
Read more in this article from

How one family is educating students, teachers on mental health

Washington state parents who lost their son to suicide are reacing out to provide resources to others about mental health — especially to high school students — and to work toward reducing the stigma surrounding related issues. Read about their efforts in this story from NBC News.

Entering Adulthood With Autism

Across the country, thousands of parents of autistic grapple with concerns like this every year: The daily support provided through public school systems ends with graduation, and many young adults who age out of high school programs and fall off the so-called services cliff can struggle to transition successfully into adulthood. Learn more in this story from U.S. News & World Report.