Can You Provide Some Outdoor Comfort for Milestone Clients?


Once you get to know me, I’m irresistible: comfortable, sturdy, cool. 

I just need someone to enjoy me.

I have people in mind: the clients at Milestone’s Senior Center in Garden City. Soon they will be experiencing the first spring and summer in their new facility designed for adults 60 and older with intellectual disabilities.

They have a 16’ x 24’ cement patio but not a lick of furniture for it.

Will you help to purchase me -- a rectangular table with six sling-back chairs and umbrella? There are 20 clients at the center (and more expected soon), so stacking chairs and two benches that convert into a picnic table will look good with me. Flower pots and side tables will complete everything!

Thank you and Happy Spring!

A lonely patio dining set


Your support can help purchase:

  • 7-piece dining set with umbrella & base ($1,548)
  • 8 stackable patio chairs ($20 each)
  • 2 benches that convert into picnic table ($161 each)
  • 3 patio side tables ($30 each)
  • 6 flower pots ($17-$40 each)