Milestone Packaging Services & Vocational Training

Milestone Packaging Services, a part of the Vocational Training Program at Milestone's Prevocational Enterprise Program in Monroeville, PA, offers production services to the manufacturing industry and affords clients the opportunity to receive on-the-job training as they participate in paid work activities. This program provides a unique opportunity for employees to receive a dual service. Employees receive on-the-job training in packaging job assignments contracted from outside companies and receive vocational programming designed to promote community employment success, safety and professionalism. Client employees are paid biweekly and observe conventional work routines.

To learn more about the benefits of the Vocational Training program at Milestone's Prevocational Enterprise Program, contact:
Aubrey Fraser, 
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Admissions and Discharge Specialist

412-374-9052, ext. 601
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David A. Reese
412-287-6556 / 412-374-9052, ext. 623
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