As a provider of services for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, you are dedicated to helping the people that you support to live a quality life. At Milestone HCQU West, we are dedicated to supporting you. You are not alone. We are a part of your team. 

At Milestone HCQU West, we believe that knowledge is power. We work regularly with leading experts in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities to bring you the latest information. Learning about the physical and behavioral health challenges that can affect the people in your care can help you provide meaningful support and advocacy.

Milestone HCQU West courses are offered by request to those who serve adults with IDD in Western Pennsylvania. We also publish a bi-annual Traning Syllabus of courses that are offered at pre-scheduled dates, times, and locations. Syllabus courses are open to the public and registration is required.

Our state-of-the-art training site is easy to use and packed with advanced and intuitive features! It is designed for your convenience and gives you the ability to perform all of the following tasks in ONE online location:

- enroll in intstructor-led trainings, webinars, special events, and RN CEU courses
- take online and self-study courses
- access all of your Milestone HCQU West training history - print transcripts/certificates
- print course materials/handouts before or after attending a class
- send questions/comments to the instructor via a messaging app
- fill out a course evaluation
- share your thoughts about the course with other learners using a five star rating system!

Download the Milestone HCQU West Training Center User Help Guide from our Forms and Resources page!

  • Technical Assistance

Milestone HCQU West provides limited consultation on matters related to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are experiencing physical and/or behavioral health challenges. Our highly skilled clinical professionals are available to assist you with any challenges you are facing.

  • Community Education/Outreach

Milestone HCQU West works to identify, improve, and expand community resources to benefit people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also encourage people to become active participants in their own local communities. See our Community Participation Resources for events and opportunities in your community.

Milestone HCQU West also works to foster a positive relationship with local authorities and first responders by offering education on the unique needs of people with IDD.

Have a question? Fill out a form and Ask-the-HCQU anything, anytime!

Milestone HCQU West has a lending library of books, videos, and other resources that are available on loan to providers of services in our nine counties.

  • Drug Interaction Assistance

Do you support a person who takes multiple medications? Milestone HCQU West can help to determine if those medications have the potential to interact with food or other drugs in an adverse or harmful way. Give us a call! (724) 283-0990.



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