HCQU Northwest Training Opportunities

AT Milestone HCQU Northwest, we offer trainings on a variety of subjects, in a variety of formats. Our trainings focus on physical health, behavioral health, safety, and more general topics such as team building, leadership, and assertiveness. Our goal is to help support staff get the information they need to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilites live happy, healthy lives.

Our trainings come in a variety of formats, including on-site instructor-led, home-study, and webinar. We plan to offer online trainings in the near future, as well. Trainings must be attended in their entirety to receive credit. We do not give partial credit for trainings.

Our courses are free-of-charge, with the exception of the Mental Health First Aid (Adult and Youth) trainings. We charge a small fee for these courses to help offset the cost of the materials needed. Our trainings are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Office of Developmental Programs.

Course Syllabus

To see what instructor-led trainings we currently have available, click here.

HCQU Dual Diagnosis Curriculum

To enroll in our home-study trainings, you must first have an account in the Milestone HCQU Northwest Training Portal. If you do not have an account, it's easy to sign up! Just click the link below:


Home Study Trainings